Lorenc+Yoo Design is proud that its home base is also home to the world’s largest aquarium: the Georgia Aquarium. Due to the generosity of Home Depot cofounder Bernie Marcus, Atlantans (and visitors) have easy access to a wonderful venue for educational entertainment.

Impressed by the Georgia Aquarium’s growth, LYD enthusiastically took the opportunity to partner with Heery to design a series of new feature signage for the aquarium’s individual venues. LYD brought the venues to life by animating the preexisting three-dimensional logos with innovative lighting effects.

Signs for exhibits such as River Scout and Ocean Voyager have been transformed from relatively static pieces to animated title cards that draw people into each exhibit. This approach is similar to that the firm uses in retail signage, where logos may be predesigned, but require an additional level of enhancement to serve not only as a label, but also as a true marketing tool.

The next time you visit LYD, be certain to visit the wonderful Georgia Aquarium.

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