Design Process

Lorenc Design creates unique environments that tell our clients’ stories through space.

Lorenc Design approaches each project methodically, beginning with the crucial discovery process that reveals the client’s mission and project priorities. We learn who you are and the story you want to tell.

Following discovery, the team analyzes and programs toward the desired ends. Concept design then provides the direction for the final product. Once the client approves, the project moves into design development, documentation, and finally, administration in which we ensure the highest standards of detail and finish for the final product.

Experiential Branding
Nothing is worse than an expensive exhibit that looks like it has been slapped together from various parts. Haphazard approaches diminish the experience, the desired calls to action, and the brand. Lorenc Design addresses these concerns by orchestrating the branding experience to ensure all elements of each project are intentional and appear cut from the same cloth.

Exhibit Design
Exhibit design is a multi-disciplinary art form and possibly the most effective way to tell a corporate story. It is the physical manifestation of a verbal narrative that is communicated through spacial immersion. This involves the creation of an interior design, a graphic design theme, and industrial design detailing, supported through lighting, acoustics, and interactive elements.

Exhibit design is the best method to ensure the public understands a corporate story. In an age when people are demanding more, exhibits are arguably the only way to adequately deliver the desired brand experience and to grow a loyal customer base.

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