With a vision to encapsulate the Scottish roots of Radford, Virginia, the collaboration between Lorenc Design and BLUR Workshop for the branding of a new 250-room hotel owned by Radford University marks an exciting venture in merging heritage, aesthetics, and functionality. 

The foundation of the branding strategy was laid upon understanding Radford University’s rich heritage of being first a women’s teaching college in a region with a distinctly Scottish legacy.

Lorenc Design, in close partnership with Radford University leadership, delved into the essence of Radford’s Scottish roots, unearthing narratives and symbols that would resonate profoundly with the university community and the broader local culture.

The team proposed “The Highlander” as the hotel’s name, evoking the rugged spirit and noble heritage associated with Scottish clans. Complementing this name, the thistle emerged as a bold and iconic symbol, embodying resilience, strength, and enduring ties to Scotland. 

Every aspect of the branding, from the hotel’s name to its visual identity, was crafted with the intention of fostering a deep sense of connection to Radford’s Scottish lineage.

The branding extended beyond the hotel’s name and symbol, encompassing the culinary experience offered within its walls. Drawing inspiration from university symbolism, Lorenc Design christened the hotel’s restaurant as “Bee & Butter,” a playful nod to both the symbolism of togetherness and local culture. Furthermore, the snack bar, aptly named “RED,” not only paid homage to the university’s branding colors but also cleverly incorporated the hexagonal motif reminiscent of a bee’s hive.

Additionally, Lorenc Design undertook the task of developing a signage system that harmonized with the hotel’s architecture and interior design envisioned by BLUR Studio. The result was a symbiotic relationship between form and function, where signage not only served a practical purpose but also enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the hotel environment.

The collaboration between Lorenc Design, BLUR Workshop, and Radford University exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary collaboration in creating immersive and meaningful brand experiences. “The Highlander” hotel now stands as a testament to the transformative potential of design in shaping cultural narratives and fostering community connections.

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