Lorenc+Yoo Design was recommended by LS3P Architects of Charlotte, North Carolina to design an integrated identity and signage program for the Blakenley branch of Elevation Church, a unique religious institution that merges the Christian gospel with popular culture.

LYD integrated the interior signage into canopies and walls to provide a modern feeling for a new generation of Christians. Monitors feature past sermons in ways akin to a movie theatre poster. LYD worked with the interior designers on the colors wall of applications with biblical quotes and key visual vocabulary along corridor walls. Just as sermons spread the Christian word through sermon and teaching, the walls make it ubiquitous in a visual sense.

LYD has collaborated with LS3P since 1984 on projects in Charlotte and Raleigh and is pleased to have participated in a project to guide churchgoers physically as they seek guidance spiritually.


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