Jan Lorenc and Chung Yoo hold

On January 9th, 2013 Lorenc+Yoo Design was honored to receive the “Most Creative Award” at Vanke’s 2012 Design Partners Appreciation Gala in Guangzhou, China. Jan Lorenc joined clients to receive the award for Lorenc+Yoo’s work on Vanke’s Opalus, Vanke’s hottest-selling residential development in Guangzhou to date.

Lorenc+Yoo designed a comprehensive environment for Opalus, developing a fairy tale-inspired storyline that told a fictional story of the site. Littered with art deco touches, unique graphics, dramatic lighting, and sculptures of beautiful fairies clutching rounded opals, Opalus’s residents and visitors experience a mystical and magical space.

Opalus went onto the market on December 2, 2012, and within two weeks, reached an impressive sales milestone: $200 million (1,300 million RMB).  This broke the single month sales record of Guangzhou Vanke, launching Opalus to become a bright star in the local housing market. Vanke’s worldwide sales totaled $20 billion in 2012.

Lorenc+Yoo is now continuing its collaboration with Vanke in China, beginning new projects this winter that will continue its record of uniquely creative and functional place-making designs.

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