Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Client: Hyatt Hotels
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Lorenc+Yoo was engaged to focus on wayfinding design in the aftermath of the Hyatt’s $200 million dollar expansion and renovation following the damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina. Problems included entrance misplacement, unclear paths to guest rooms, and confusing names for meeting rooms.

Lorenc+Yoo developed a new, easy-to-use terminology and naming system. This relieved signage from having to carry so many different names, providing space for additional information. The plan redefined area edges, allowing guests to recognize when they left one space for another. It also included new signage at decision points, including directional pieces, electronic information kiosks, larger-scaled “distant-viewed” signage, and blade signage in narrow hallways. The hierarchically organized system employs vibrant color to direct visitors to highly trafficked locations subtly, and avoids introducing any distractions that may get in the way.

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