Lorenc+Yoo Design seeks to correct and properly identify the firms and individuals responsible for the creation of the Delta Flight Museum, which was selected as the Gold Winner for the prestigious Graphis Annual Design Competition 2016. Given Gary Super’s material, significant and outstanding contributions to the Delta Museum Project, Lorenc+Yoo deeply regrets the omission of Mr. Super and his talented design firm, Gary Lee Super & Associates, Inc., and acknowledges the propriety of including Mr. Super and his firm.

The correct credits for the Delta Flight Museum are as follows:

Design Firms:

Gary Lee Super Associates, Inc.- Exhibit Design

Lorenc+Yoo Design, Inc.- Exhibit Masterplan & Concept Design

Stevens & Wilkinson, Inc.- Architect of Record


Exhibit Design- Gary Lee Super

Exhibit Masterplan & Concept Design- Jan Lorenc, Steve McCall, Stewart Sonderman

Architect of Record- Todd Dolson

We apologize for the mistake and any resulting confusion.

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