Delta Flight Museum sketchLorenc+Yoo Design is proud to announce it will be designing the exhibits for the new Delta Flight Museum, which will open at Delta Airlines’s headquarters in Atlanta in summer 2014. The new museum will tell the story of how this once small crop-dusting company from Macon, GA grew to become the world’s largest airline by passengers and fleet size, serving every continent but Antarctica.

The $6 million renovation will refurbish the 1940s-era airplane hanger in which the museum is housed currently. It will continue to feature airplanes from Delta’s history, including single-engine propeller planes from Delta’s early days, a DC-3 plane called “Ship 41,” and the “Spirit of Delta,” a Boeing 767 jumbo jet purchased in the 1980s by Delta’s employees.

Read the Atlanta Business Chronicle article on the Delta Flight Museum.

The new museum will feature not only a more accessible public entrance, but also modernized exhibits that tell the story of Delta’s origins and its current dedication to “keep climbing.” Lorenc+Yoo will highlight every piece in Delta’s collection–from the various airplanes to Delta memorabilia such as collectible flight wing pins–to tell Delta’s story in new and beautiful ways that resonate for every type of visitor. Once reopened, it will accommodate an increase from 34,000 visitors in 2012 to 50,000 or more.

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